PASS has over 37 years of experience administering employee giving programs.

We’ve built a team to act as an extension of your CSR team. The PASS team will field calls from employees run program analytics, talk to charities, and provide the services you need to make sure your program runs smoothly and effectively. Every company is different and PASS’ flexible services and software can accommodate programs of varying complexities and sizes.

Advantage No. 1

Personalized approach
to employee matches

  • Employees can have their information provided to the charity

  • Employees can remain anonymous

  • Employees can monitor their matches via the matching gift website

Advantage No. 2

Custodial account to house matching funds and write checks to charities

  • Managed by PASS

  • Monthly reconciliation and financial reports provided


Other Advantages

Advantage No. 3

  • Dedicated Charity Match Manager to administer your program

Advantage No. 4

  • Match checks on your schedule

Advantage No. 5

  • Matches evaluated for individual company giving criteria

Advantage No. 6

  • Program administration tailored to your needs – no “one size fits all”

Advantage No. 7

  • Access to program data and reports 24/7